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2031 N Gary Ave
Wheaton, IL  60187
Ph 630-668-4102
Pal Joey’s 
Ph 630-665-7359
A bit  about us...

Pal Joey's was established in the spring of 1973. Although its original owner has the name Joey, the name of the restaurant originates from the musical and subsequent movie named "Pal Joey". Pal Joey's has prided itself with a pizza that has remained consistent throughout its 32 year history. The pizza was given 4 stars by Chicago Tribune food critics and named as one of the best pan pizzas in the Chicago area.

In the spring of 2001, Pal Joey’s made a transition of ownership. New owners John Hamel and Greg Miller took over with only one goal in mind; “Do not change the core business that had been a staple in the area for so many years.” John and Greg succeeded in not making any
significant changes to the core menu, however, they added