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2031 N Gary Ave
Wheaton, IL  60187
Ph 630-668-4102
Pal Joey’s 
Ph 630-665-7359
Wheaton Bowl 
The proud home of the Ladies Singles 
Classic Tournament for the past 57 years

                               There are kids leagues, adult leagues, senior leagues, special groups and events, open bowlers, and family outings at Wheaton Bowl.


Whatever your bowling needs, we've got you covered.

Youth Leagues:  

Call for entry information at (630) 668-4102

Sign-up now for Junior leagues, ages 5-20


AUGUST 11, 18th , 25th 2018 (11-2 PM)

SEPTEMBER 5 2017(6-9 PM)



                         FALL League Lineup

JUST FOR MEN’s Leagues                                             MIXED LEAGUES

Monday 7:00 PM   Monday Knight Men             5 man team                   Tuesday Nite Mixed    7:00 PM     4 person team

Monday 8:00 Pm  St. Michael’s Holy Name       4 man team                   Thursday    Out League   8:00  PM  4 person team

                                                                                                                             Friday Family Fun League  7:00 PM   4 person team kids and

LADIES DAY LEAGUE                                                                                                       adults

Wednesday 9:15 AM  Wednesday Warriors      3 Woman team               Friday Monthly Mishaps  ** 6:45 PM   4 person team

                                                                                              SATURDAY NIGHT LEAGUES

SENIOR LEAGUES                                                           OAM #1  6:00 PM   Once a month week 1

Monday 9:00 AM  Wheaton Senior Men   3 0r 4 man team                       OAM #2    6:00 pm Once a month week 2

Tuesday 9:00 AM Wheaton Senior Women  4 woman team                     Dillons     6:00 pm   once a month week 1

Wednesday  9:00 AM Senior Men   3 or 4 man team                                  Saturday Night Mixed   6:00  Once a month week 2

Thursday 9:00 AM  Wheaton Senior Women  4 woman team                   Saturday Nite Specials  6:00 PM  EOW  Weeks 2 and 4

Friday 9:00 AM  Wheaton Senior Men  3 0r 4 man team                            OAM #4  Once a month  4th week  6:00  PM


Starting dates for  leagues will be determined soon, and posted accordingly.   Most start times are either late August or early September

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